Welcome bonus 100% + 250 FS Get Bonus
Welcome bonus 100% + 250 FS Get Bonus

Pin Up Casino Bonuses

The bonus program of Pin Up Casino is widely recognized as a hallmark of the company. It not only ensures the long-standing success of the operator but also facilitates rapid expansion, capturing new markets and gaining the loyalty of fresh customers.

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Welcome Bonus

Various methods are available for obtaining a bonus from Pin Up Casino. One of the most noticeable perks is the reward users obtain right after completing the registration process. It’s crucial to note that most rewards provided by the casino require wagering. This implies that to cash out, players must achieve a specific number of spins (wager) within a set period.

The Pin-Up Casino registration bonus encompasses a comprehensive reward system:

For any inquiries regarding the allocation and utilization of bonuses, players can seek guidance from the customer support team.

No Deposit Bonus

Upon joining Pin Up Casino, players can benefit from no deposit bonuses, which might be presented as free spins or tangible rewards. To obtain this kind of bonus, specific criteria must be met:

Additionally, users are eligible for a €10 reward on their birthdays. This amount is added to the user’s bonus balance either seven days prior to or following the specified date. Only verified account holders qualify for this bonus.


A particularly intriguing feature of Pin Up Casino’s bonus schemes is the cashback. It involves returning a certain percentage of a player’s losses from the previous week. This is fundamentally rooted in the inherent nature of gambling: the unpredictability ensures that players can’t always win; losses are inevitable.

This cashback reward is processed every Monday, and there’s no need for players to submit any documents, contact customer service, or perform other tasks. However, they should be aware that the maximum cashback is capped at 10%. For instance, a loss of €50 would entitle a player to a 5% cashback; a loss of €250 increases the cashback rate to 7%, and those who incur a loss of €1000 or more are eligible for the maximum cashback of 10%.

The bonus offerings of Pin Up Casino are continuously evolving and expanding. Thus, it’s advisable for online casino enthusiasts to stay updated on the latest promotions and lucrative gaming opportunities.


🌀 What is the Welcome Bonus offered by Pin Up Casino?

Pin Up Casino offers a comprehensive welcome bonus system to new users. Once they complete the registration process, they receive a 100% bonus on their deposit and an additional 250 Free Spins. Moreover, there are bonuses for subsequent account top-ups (reload bonuses) and other periodic bonuses that might not always be available.

🌀 How does the No Deposit Bonus work?

Players can avail no deposit bonuses after joining Pin Up Casino. These bonuses may be in the form of free spins or tangible rewards. To qualify for this bonus, players may need to participate in tournaments, follow the casino on social media platforms, or leave a genuine review on an external platform. Furthermore, verified account holders receive a €10 bonus on their birthdays, either seven days before or after the mentioned date.

🌀 What is the Cashback system at Pin Up Casino?

Pin Up Casino offers a cashback system where players receive a certain percentage of their losses from the previous week. This cashback is processed every Monday. Players do not need to submit any documents or contact customer service for this. However, the cashback percentage varies with the amount of loss, and the maximum cashback is capped at 10%.

🌀 How is the cashback percentage determined?

The cashback percentage is based on the amount of loss. For example, a loss of €50 entitles a player to a 5% cashback. If the loss is €250, the cashback rate becomes 7%. Players who incur a loss of €1000 or more qualify for the maximum cashback of 10%.

🌀 How can players stay updated on the latest bonuses offered by Pin Up Casino?

The bonus offerings at Pin Up Casino are ever-evolving. It's recommended to players to regularly check the casino's official website or subscribe to their newsletters or notifications to stay informed about the latest promotions and gaming opportunities.